Sunday, November 4, 2018

Wyatt, a brave little boy, exploring the woods

It's been a long time since I posted here- in my defence, my dolls were very demanding, they took turns with my daughters, to keep me busy :)

I have a few spare moments now- it is a peacefull autumn Sunday evening. Red and yellow leaves on my table, some candles and some acorns adorning the shelves, home-baked cookies filling the house with their vanilla smell, and my all-time favourite singer playing on Youtube (if you are curious, I'm speaking about Tudor Gheorghe :)

So, in this wonderful atmosphere, I want to show you my latest doll- Wyatt.
He is a brave little boy, wondering in the woods.
He is a 40 cm Waldorf doll, sewn entirely from natural materials. His hair is made of curly mohair, and he asked to make him a corduroy orange hat- he loves autumn and pumpkins :)
 It's a big world outthere...
 ...but he is very brave.

 He loves to wonder in the autumn woods- he is searching for leaves, acorns and other autumn treasures.

He found some big leaves...yellow and beutiful...aren't they too big, though?

I hope you like him- he is wonderfilled- and he can transform magically the room, just by being there. No wonder my house is filled with happiness :)

I wish you all a wonderfull time, and a house filled with joy!

Lots of love,

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