Thursday, January 25, 2018

Becca and the snowy adventure

I finished another enchanted doll today. She is Becca, and she waited patiently for me to finish her clothes. But as soon as I dressed her, she changed into a stormy-impossible-to-catch-little-miss, and she ran outside, to play in the snow.
I like snow, and outside it is truly beautiful, so...I can't get upset :)

I went after her, and I begged her to sit nicely, so I can take some photos of her. And she did...for about 10 or 20 seconds :)

 She looks so nice, does she not? Such a  little angel...

After I agreed to move the photo shoot into the snow, she was extremely happy. She even agreed to stop running, and to stay on the chair, and to smile nicely at the camera. What a chance for me!

But no more! Enough is enough!
So my little Miss started to climb into the tree! No, Becca, please don't, you are a little Miss, not a naughty boy...

The tree is her friend, and she won't let go. And the sky is so clear, and the air is so fresh and crisp...

 But, after all, why not?
Please, my beloved one, do run, do play, it is a magical winter out here, and you are magical, and you should play!
What a wonderful branch, is it not?

And look, snow in your hair!
Oh, how happy are you :)

Your little shoes are made from wool, and mommy put some love into them, so they will keep you warm.
Go, run, play!
Enjoy, child, be free!

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