Sunday, February 23, 2020

Lara and her tiny friends

Meet Lara and her two tiny friends. They are ready to go into a new adventure, to travel far away in order to arrive to their new home.

It's still cold outside. Lara took her wool knitted cape, to keep her warn.

Look, a little flower appeared, like a promise of spring and innocence and joy.

Her wonderful hair neves sits properly :)...always wild and untammed...

Look, the babies are ready, too! In their tiny sleeping bags, they will probably sleep all the way :)

All the dolls were made to order, for a very special little girl. They will be her best playmates and will nurture her innocence.

Hugs and kisses,

Sunday, January 26, 2020


Nature-lover. Tree-hugger. Free-spirited.
Meet Maruska :)


Maruska was custom made for a very special little girl. She will be travelling far away, to see new enchanted lands and take part in many adventures :)

Wednesday, January 22, 2020


Sophie- prietena ciupercutelor, a spiridusilor si a povestilor fermecate.
Creata la comanda, pentru o fetita unica si minunata.

Monday, January 13, 2020

Auberon- a 40 cm Waldorf boy doll

Meet Auberon- he is a Waldorf boy, with the spirit of an elf, a traveler or some sort of adventurer :). I convinced him to stay calm in order to photograph him only after I allowed him to climb a tree...

From there, the view is spectacular...of course he didn't want to come down...

But my sweet boy is not only full of energy, but also of curiosity...he soon understood that he must come down, in order to visit other unexpected places :) - such as the enchanted ivy garden and the ancient rock wall...

The story says that an old elf used to live near to the ancient rock wall...and old and wise elf, that used to tell a lot of stories about the plants, the birds and the trees...Auberon really wants to meet this old elf, he loves fairytales!

Tomorrow Auberon will leave for his new home, far away, in the magical land of Deutchland. A bird once told me that the folks outthere know a lot of stories, I am sure Auberon will love to hear all of them.

He will have a tale or two to tell, as well :)

And, more important, he will bring with him his love for adventure and for playing outside. has been a long walk, isn't it? Are you tired, my love? Come, sit down on this wooden log, and I will tell you a story. Once upon a time....

Bebe Fluturel

Astazi este luni, o zi de luni magica si minunata, care a trecut, parca, prea repede.
Mi-am inceput ziua scriindu-mi intentiile pozitive pentru aceasta saptamana, si mi-o termin povestindu-va despre Bebe-Fluturel, care sta langa mine chiar in timp ce tastez, cerand dragalas imbratisari si povesti.

Fluturelul este moale si miroase atat de bine, a lana si dragoste si copilarie. Imi vine sa ma joc neincetat cu el, sa il dragalesc, sa ii ingan cantecele de leagan

Maine va pleca spre noua lui casa si noua lui mamica, dar astazi inca imi lumineaza atelierul.
Ma duc sa ii mai spun o poveste; va las, cu drag, inca cateva fotografii.

Seara fermecata sa aveti,

(din mijlocul papusilor Darimee)

Lara and her tiny friends

Meet Lara and her two tiny friends. They are ready to go into a new adventure, to travel far away in order to arrive to their new home. ...